Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Mini Review – A catch up.

I have realised that not only is my movie reviewing not very good, I find it really difficult to review a film – I hate going over the plot again when everyone knows what goes on) plus I am just not the best writer. I will leave the reviewing to José as he is SO much better.
Perhaps I should just make the reviews as short and sweet as possible.

‘Los Abrazos Rotos (Broken Embraces)’

Almodåvar does it again.
Beautiful, absorbing, funny and sad. What cinema should be.
People have said it is his most main stream, but it still weaves his unique magic.
Penélope Cruz proves once again what an absorbing actress she is, you cannot take your eyes off her. Blanca Portillo again adds wonderful support.
One of his best.

Grade - A-

‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’

Ridiculous and dumb, with nothing new to say.
However it does manage to bring a smile to your face and Isla Fischer is such a good comedic actress that you can forgive the rest of the cast and the screenplay that seemed to only care about getting female seats in the cinema and not about realism - then again the book was pretty much the same. Plus those moving mannequins were far too creepy to tempt anyone into a shop.

Grade – C-


Dark and disturbing and an absolute joy to look at.
The detail in every scene capture the imagination like no other film in recent years.
Nice to see an animated film not afraid to go to a place where nightmares come from.
The voice cast was all superb (who knew Terri Hatcher had it in her?).
One of the years best.

Grade – A-


Julia and Clive have some sexy fun.
The dialogue sparks and the two stars are obviously having a lot of fun.
The supporting cast too is a joy with Giamatti and Wilkenson chewing the scenery brilliantly.
A nice intelligent espionage film to break up the summer.

Grade - B

‘Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince’

I did go and see it, and remember enjoying it at the time, but for the life of me I have no idea what on earth happened in this.
Seriously, I have no idea.
There was a cave, and Zidler was there, but everything is cloudy.
I can't even remember Maggie Smith....was she there?
I will give it the generic grade I give to all the Harry films.

Grade – B-

‘The Hurt Locker’

This was one intense film.
Masterfully directed by Katheryn Bigelow and acted by Jeremy Renner and Anthony Mackie.
A deeply affective look at the Iraq war, that even though never overtly tries for sentiment, never the less gets under your skin.
Do not watch it if you have a heart condition, it is serious edge of your seat stuff.

Grade – A-

‘Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs’

Silly silly movie.
Yet it made me smile and made my sexy man laugh like a child...we are talking constant grin and constant giggling.
Watching him watching the movies was hysterical.
We are talking pure child like joy.
Although I am not a fan of the Ice Age films at all, for sentimental reasons I will give it a:

Grade – C+

‘Star Trek’

Exciting, fun and intelligent spin on an old classic.
‘Star Trek’ has been re-invented and I may actually become a trekkie – possibly.
Not as exciting for me as another of the summers big sci-fi films, but enough to restore the faith that there are directors out there who care more about story then they do about action.
You know who you are.

Grade - B


Oh my God…talk about too much sexual tension and brooding.
It is like Buffy and Angel without the humour - or Spike and Drucilla to spice things up.
Still it was a good adaptation and for a Sunday afternoon movie, it entertained me.

What more can you ask really?
Plus Patterson is a bit of a dish. My insides feel all wrong in saying that now.

Grade – C+


I fully applaud the effort that went into making this. It is faithful and epic in scope. Just a shame so much time was spent on the look and effects of the film instead of the actors developing the characters, who are what make the story so great. If you do not believe they exist your whole connection to the film is gone.
Jackie Earle Haley and Billy Crudup take acting honours – if only this was broken into two films.

Grade - C

X-Men Origins: Wolverine’

If during what is supposed to be an intense dramatic scene at the beginning of a film, you burst into laughter, then all hope is gone.
This was a poor effort.
Snooze worthy to be honest.
They only thing keeping me awake was the eye candy and there just wasn't enough nudity to keep me from giving it a better grade.

Grade - D


Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

I keep wondering why persons are not giving Coraline enough love, or any at all. But I do think it's one of the best of the year...before the Oscar glut consumes us all.

Jose said...

I'm dying to see "Broken Embraces"!!!!! Was Penélope as brilliant as I'm expecting her to be?