Thursday, 24 September 2009

Predicting blind

So what are the films that we have heard nothing about?

There are still those major contenders that are on everyones list, but there have been no real reviews of, not even test screening reviews on Ain’t it Cool News (who for some reason have not even mentioned ‘Precious’ at all – not their thing I guesss). We have that test screening review/s from The Film Experience for ‘Nine’ that sounded promising (or not, depending on how you look at it)

These are the films:
‘Everybody’s Fine’
‘The Lovely Bones’
‘The Princess and the Frog’
‘The Tree of Life’
‘Within the Whirlwind’
‘Where the Wild Things Are’
Is it possible to tell which of these is most at risk? Do we have a hunch at what film is going to do exceptionally well and what is going to suffer?
No, we can’t, but I have a hunch.

Why do I get that feeling that ‘Amelia’ is going to not go down that well at all. It will be one of those respected films that never catches on in the awards race. I am not even thinking Hilary Swank will get a nomination this year. It certainly looks epic enough, but epics that are not LOVED only get nominated if directed by Martin Scorsese.
I do not know enough about ‘Everybody’s Fine’ to even comment about it’s chances. My gut is it will not amount to much. Perhaps some acting, but still, my gut says no.
Last year we had not one but two Clint Eastwood films out, and only ‘Changeling’ got an Oscar love. Perhaps, with only one film, all the attention will be on awarding him there. I am thinking this should go over well and get at least three of the top categories (Picture, Actor, Director) but then again it could all go horribly wrong…or be delayed.
Never rule out Peter Jackson – which is now the rule. Will the combination of LOTR effects and ‘Heavenly Creatures’ story get him in? Who can say? This is the most unknown of the films. The trailer did not blow us away, so we can’t really say either way. It could be a masterpiece or a well intentioned failure. It could be met with a universal “WOWZER!” or a “meh”. My gut is it will garner enough great reviews that the ‘mehs’ will not affect it from getting a BP nom.

‘The Princess and the Frog’ is a film I am most interested in seeing how it is received.
Does Disney still have it’s mojo or not?
I have a feeling this may be a fantastic return to form for 2d animation – at least I hope it will be. I yearn to sit in a cinema and feel like a 7 year old again and the feeling I got from the trailer is it will do just that. If it is as good as it should be, it could find its way into the BP category.
With all Malik films, you can trust they will involve nature and be glorious to look at. People either love them or not. For some reason the casting of Brad Pitt does not lend me hope – is it only me who finds him a very boring actor to watch? Even in comedies he bores me a little.
If ‘Within the Whirlwind’ is to go anywhere it will be a nomination for its lead actress Emily Watson. There is no advance word on the film at all – nothing – zippo. Once can imagine that Watson will be wonderful (she always is) but it needs to be released first. My hunch is, like so many great performances, she will be praised, but ignored for the big awards.

And finally we have the film that I think will be the biggest surpise.
I have this little tiny voice in me that tells me this is going to be a wonderful film that will be a huge critical hit, and possibly commercial. If ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ fails I will be so disappointed on so many levels.
It has taken forever to make, and the trailer actually almost made me cry with anticipation. I also think Spike Jonze is a wonderful director with actors (he has only two feature films under his belt - both have got acting nominations) so perhaps Catherine Keener could be a factor this year. I think it may just make it into the BP race.
This, Like ‘Precious’ are my most anticipated films of the year. At least I know the critical consensus on the latter.

Which of these do you think will flop and which will soar?


Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

I wish Amelia flops...but that's just me. And Gangs of New York was not really loved...but I thought everybody love The Aviator?

And on The Princess & the Frog. I really do hope that it's a success. Inter-racial animated romance? Count me in.

Peter Chan said...

Andrew, Inter-racial AND inter-species... LURVE it. :)

But I also think 'Amelia' is gonna flop.