Friday, 14 May 2010

'Easy A' trailer

When Brandon (‘Cougar Towns’ Dan Byrd) asks his friend Olive (Emma Stone) to help him hide his gayness by pretending to date him and take his virginity, he has no idea what that would mean to his friend.

Olive now has a reputation and uses this rumour to advance her social and financial standing.
However nothing is as it seems, and the similarities she sees to Hester Prynne in ‘The Scarlet Letter’ (which she is reading for school) allow for some self discovery.

Sure it sounds like another teen rom-com, but judging by the trailers it has bite and perhaps a little heft.

First there is the HYSTERICAL teaser trailer which just makes me laugh out loud.

Then here is the full trailer which announces Stone as a star for tomorrow. It is also wonderful to see Clarkson, Tucci and Kudrow (all wonderful comic actors) in this, which adds to it to the ‘must see’ list immediately.

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