Tuesday, 11 May 2010

If Music be the food of link

Madonna. Not exactly movie news, but the lady has been busy. This week we get a stunning photo shoot and behind the scenes video.
First she gives a wonderful interview over at Interview Magazine before going off and doing a fabulous photo shoot for them (she is looking like the old Madonna again, photo shop or botox, I do not care) with behind the scenes video.
What with the new album and the movie I wonder where she finds the time.
Could it be time for another resurgence for her?

There is so much going on in the music world of late that I just cannot seem to control myself. This summer is looking to be very costly in music purchases.

If you have not watched the recently banned video from M.I.A. you need to head on over here to check it out. A shocking and thoughtful reminder that genocide still happens all over the world, as does ignorance - as proven by some of the comments.

Recently out and proud lead singer of Bloc Party, the sexy Kele Okereke shows us his solo single 'Teneroni' and boy is it a corker.
I loved the music of Bloc Party so I cannot wait to see where is solo career goes.
I am glad to live in the UK, where coming out in the entertainment industry does not have to be a media event, it is just accepted.
I count myself very very lucky.

The L.A. Times takes an interestesting look the return of the music video. I for one could not be more excited about this, since videos were getting very very boring. I guess we should thank Lady GaGa for that. They also have the fabulous new Beyonce video, 'Why Don't You Love Me?', embedded.

Head on over to The Scissor Sisters website to preview a few songs they have coming out from their third album 'Night Work'.
I am greatly looking forward to this album, as have been a huge fan of these guys for many many years, even if the last album was not as pleasing as the first (to me at least)
The sound is pure them, but sounding more mature and sexy. Kind of like having an orgy at Studio 54.

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