Saturday, 15 May 2010

I was acting like another woman, yet I was more Oscar than ever before.

So back here I asked you to vote in a poll to see who you thought should have been crowned Best Actress in 1995.
The results are long in:
Everyones favourite crazy snatch flasher, Sharon Stone, got ZERO votes for her performance in 'Casino' and she was second choice after Madonna.

The wonderful Emma Thompson could only manage 13% of the votes for her wonderful performance in 'Sense and Sensibility'.

Surprise nominee Elisabeth Shue only managed 17% of the votes, she has more adventures whilst babysitting than she did 'Leaving Las Vegas'.

Eventual winner for 'Dead Man Walking', Susan Sarandon was only 22% popular for her 'overdue' Oscar winning performance.

So with a mammoth 48% of the votes the wonderful Meryl Streep wins this for 'The Bridges of Madison County'
Well it is no surprise really.
This is one of those performances that was so brilliant, you hardly noticed.
It would have probably gotten more attention had she not been against Sarandon and been going through a quiet period in her career.

However, 3rd Oscar or not she is one of the greatest, and this is one of my favourite Meryl performances of all time. The way she is both mother, lover and wife for different people, playing each role amazingly, even if they do not all fit together.

Clint Eastwood did her a great service with this, and the performance has left a legacy.

Now onto Best Supporting Actress for 1995

The nominees were:

Joan Allen - 'Nixon'
Kathleen Quinlan - 'Apollo 13'
Mira Sorvino - 'Mighty Aphrodite'
Mare Winningham - 'Georgia'
Kate Winslet - 'Sense and Sensibility'

Please note that I have had to delete the previous poll because some freakish Mira Sorvino fan voted for her over 500 times, as if this poll had any sort of importance. Unless it does and Mira and/or her people are thinking that the results of this poll will set in motion one of the biggest acting come backs ever - in which case I am flattered - but serious, whoever is going Mira crazy, get a life.


Runs Like A Gay said...

Mira's still going strong I see.

Any chance of a write-in though, none of these performances are really doing it for me.

Michael Parsons said...

Yeah, I am discounting her. Please write one in!

Michael Parsons said...

Yeah, I am discounting her. Please write one in!