Sunday, 9 May 2010

I never saw a trailer I didn't like

Well not really true, but there is something exciting about getting the first glimpses of a movie, anticipated or not.
A trailer has the power to make a movie that people are dying to see, a non event, while giving high expectations to a film no-one has heard of,

'The American'

First we have this moody and stylish trailer for George Clooneys' new staring vehicle, directed by the always interesting Anton Corbijn. It looks moody, and intense, but not too action focused which is always good.
It has the appearance of on of those films that the critics will love, but it will have no awards traction, aside from Clooney. I for one am excited.

'Waiting for Superman'

The acclaimed doc that came out of Sundance looks at the education system. Looks very current, shocking, sad, joyous, triumph of the human spirit - ie, very Oscary.

'Four Lions'

This looks so silly and incorrect that it could be brilliant, or just plain dumb. Of course I am sad for the crow, but a terrorism comedy is a brave movie to make.


There is something just so damn cool about this trailer. So cheap and bad and just plain brilliant.
I am hoping Lindsey Lohan frikkin owns this movie.

'The Killer Inside Me'

This could be the most controversial film of the year if advanced buzz is anything to go by. Michael Winterbottom directs what looks like another brilliant role for Casey Affleck, and a chance for Kate Hudson and Jessica Alba to become really great.
This will not do well with box office, so critical hype and buzz is everything.

'You Again'

This could go either way, but Sigourney Weaver and Jamie Lee Curtis look like they are going to own this film. The last line spoken by Weaver is sheer comic brilliance. Could we have another Katherine Parker on our hands?

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