Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Rock me sexy composer

Do films about composers work? Sure ‘Immortal Beloved’ and ‘Amadeus’ were all extremely well received (the latter winning 8 Oscars) but they also has a lot of artistic license to make it more dramatic.
Of course this works for the film, but historians get upset and to audiences really want to see a movie about a long dead classical musician? Not really. Intelligent audiences – yes, the large and overwhelming majority – no.

So how do you get it a film about Vivaldi made? Well for starters take romantic rumors from the mans life and make them fact, and actually go further, make them sexy fact.
Do this by taking the story of his close collaborators, Tessieri Giro (along with her sister) who became part of Vivaldi's entourage on his far-and-wide travels, and make it into a sex scandal (hey, go one further and introduce sister swapping).
Next cast sexy actors to play the roles.

I am sure Tessieri was a very lovely lady in her time, but do you think she really looked like Jessica Biel? How could Vivaldi have composed anything with her running around scantily clad like that?

Also if Vivaldi actually looked like Luke Evans, then I need to pay more attention to the classical musicians. I mean those pictures of the famous composer you, like me, have now realized just how those painters/printers back in ye old times did not do their subjects justice.

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