Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Send in the Clown.

Since I do not get Saturday Night Live here in the UK, I have to watch snippets online, and week after week Kristen Wiig is by far the funniest thing (the opening number when Betty White hosted makes me crack up whenever I think of it).
She is a comedic goddess, and is able to translate that into some wonderful film roles. Her recent role in ‘Whip It’ made me sit up and notice her acting chop, and made me year to see her in a larger role in the near future.

Well it seems she is not going to wait to be cast. She is going to use her own money to option Monica Drake’s dark comic novel ‘Clown Girl’.

Now I hate clowns (like many people, they scare me) however girl clowns are not as scary. They actually seem very melancholy to me.
The story follows Nita, a lady clown whose life just isn’t living up to the dream. She’s eking out a living working street fairs, and spends her time pining after her dream man, who used her to help pay for his own education at clown college. And since he’s having money troubles, she’s tempted to sink into the murky world of prostitution, catering to clown fetishists.

Since she is planning to write and star in the film leaves me with a strange hope. This could be one of those films that ends up being bloody brilliant. All we need is a director to come on board who is able to be both funny, moving and dark.
May I suggest Alexander Payne, since he knows how to direct women extremely well.

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