Friday, 14 May 2010

Tiger rights

Yet another opportunity for Brad Pitt to bail on a film directed by Darren Aronofsky. After walking out of ‘The Fountain’ and ‘The Fighter’ they are “apparently” going to join forces and make ‘The Tiger’.

The film is an action thriller and is based on the forthcoming nonfiction book by John Vaillant. The story is set in Siberia and human habitation is encroaching on the tigers territory, and one tiger sets off to start hunting down the towns people.
So far I am thinking the tiger is the hero of the story – well I am routing for it anyway.

Pitt will play a conservationalist game warden who must put aside his love for the animals to take down the man-eater.
I am still hoping the tiger wins this one. I personally hate the idea of an animal dying because it is trying to protect its land, however I am hoping against hope that this will be handled sensitively.
Actually Aronofsky is the man to do that. What is also interesting is that Guillermo Arriaga (‘Babel’) is adapting the story. The man is a talented writer, but is known for his fragmented stories. Perhaps focusing his ideas on this will make for fantastic results.
Arriaga has said to Variety:
“This is the first time I have adapted a screenplay, since I have previously only written original screenplays. I chose to adapt this story, first, because I have a profound love for the outdoors and the intense tension between man and nature which the book reflects; and, second, because of the great privilege of working with such accomplished filmmakers.”
I am concerned with the “tension between man and nature” part. For this animal lover it sounds more like a cat fighting for survival and man just wanting his way – the tension comes from us.
While we are all waiting for this film to come out, why not adopt a Siberian Tiger to ensure its survival.

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