Friday, 11 September 2009

Best Picture Predictions

With the new rule of ten nominees in the category, things will surely get interesting this year. Will it be as diverse as people hope, or will it be more of the same ole same ole?

‘Up in the Air’

Another pedigree film, and it has major buzz.
The word from the festival circuit is that this film is wonderful and brilliant. Could win it.

‘The Hurt Locker’

With reviews like it has been getting it seems unlikely that this will miss out.

The new top ten nominees in this category will allow a more diverse list.


Unless it tank, which is unlikely, this should see its way into the top ten.

It is Clint after all and the subject matter was enough to have everyone place it in the top five a year ago.


This seemed very likely after the Sundance and Toronto showing.
The only hurdle is if the Academy refuse to see it.

With the buzz for the film, Mo’Nique and Sibide as big as it is, it could end up winning.


This could be possibly too big to ignore.
The technical branch will surely booster it’s votes, but how does it play?


They love musicals.
This talent (actors, directors, producers ect) has a combination of 34 previous nominations and 14 wins.
This should ride the wave.


Due to the new rules this could very easily be the second animated film nominated for Oscar.
I would be surprised if it was not included.

‘An Education’

In, not for the win, but this should easily slip comfortably into the top ten spots.

With potentially 4 acting noms, it will be hard to dismiss.

‘A Serious Man’

The Coen Brothers are getting some of their best reviews for their new comedy. This should do well in the Screenplay category, and perhaps make a showing here.

‘The Lovely Bones’

The pedigree is there.
Jackson seems to only helm films lately that are a labour of love which this is, and I am sure it will show.

How good it is shouldn’t stop a top ten placement.

'Where the Wild Things Are’

Something tells me the childhood wonder will capture the hearts and memories of the Academy.

If the film is met with mixed reaction it will not happen.
The reviews need to be stellar.

‘Inglourious Basterds’

The love for this is rising, and the reviews are there.
Can it make it all the way.
Basically anything can make it in, it is untested waters.

‘District 9’

Now the reviews are wonderful.
It is between this and ‘Star Trek’ for the summer sci-fi spot.
This seems a little more serious and important than the other.

‘Bright Star’

The reviews are there, but it all depends on how well it is received.

If the festival circuit is anything to go by, it looks like another contender in the big 10.

‘The White Ribbon’

Never count out a Cannes winner, especially when you have 10 films to nominate. We shall see how this plays with audiences.

‘A Single Man’

Some people love love love this film. As we all know if the love from a few is strong enough the film can make it is. Is it time for another gay movie? Hell yes.

‘Julie & Julia’

Love for the Julia half could go a long way in getting this comedy remembered at year end. The populist vote can go far.


Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Really rooting for Nine, The Lovely Bones, An Education, Bright Star, The Hurt Locker...I feel almost weird that I can't get behind the love for Up...but I preferred Coraline...

Michael Parsons said...

Have yet to see 'Up'. Haven't seen anything really, but I did love 'District 9' and 'Coraline'.

I am really rooting for 'Precious' more than anything.

Vance said...

In theory I'd love Coraline to get honours but I personally thought Up was better AND more enjoyable. (Pixar does it AGAIN). District 9 might have a chance, but I think Star Trek is completely out of the race now.

Chris said...

Can I just say I'm really bored with the Coens now....sorry