Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Best Director Predictions

Katheryn Bigelow – ‘The Hurt Locker’

The reviews all praise her work on this.
She looks to be the one director who is a serious lock for a nomination. Girl power indeed.

Peter Jackson – ‘The Lovley Bones’

He is not a man to be dismissed.
The film is bound to have its rabid fans, and that and the scope of the project should see him easily make it in.

Clint Eastwood – ‘Invictus’

As anyone who has ever tried to make a prediction for the Oscars, one thing you should never do, and that is never bet against Clint.

Lee Daniels – ‘Precious’

Some reviewers have criticized some of his directorial choices, some other praise him for them and his bravery. He is looking like he could make it in.

Lone Scherfig – ‘An Education’

All of the nominations for this film, aside from Lead Actress, are dependant on how much it is loved.
If it is loved, it is because of her.

Jason Reitman – ‘Up in the Air’

He got a good cast, and a great screenplay. He is proving to be a major and well liked talent. Being liked can go further than having talent. He has both.

Spike Jonze – ‘Where the Wild Things Are’

Sometimes a labour of love can make it in the cut, even if the final result is uneven. If this is loved, he is in. If it is not, he could still make it.

Jane Campion – ‘Bright Star’

Another woman vying for a place. She has been nominated once before and this is said to be a return to form. I am still iffy on the chances for this film though.

Michael Haneke – ‘The White Ribbon’

Respected director makes a relatively ‘main stream; film. This could see him finally being embraced by the Academy. Cannes does not hurt either.

James Cameron – ‘Avatar’

Another labour of love. After being away so long, we are all waiting to see if he still has it. Will his dedication and hard work see him rewarded?

Rob Marshall – ‘Nine’

Not so sure about his chances. If the film is a hit with audiences and he gets decent reviews then he could slip in. There seem to be ‘better’ directors to choose from here.

Mira Nair – ‘Amelia’

Well respected director who has a major film coming out this year. The film needs to be loved and she needs to really stand out as director to make it in. Great to see so many women here though!

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