Monday, 7 September 2009

Best Supporting Actress Predictions

1 Mo’Nique – ‘Precious’
This is still one of the performances that is gaining in Buzz. From the Sundance win to the reviews means this is going to be unless something horrendous happens. Right now this is also looking like the performance that is going to win. Why is Best Supporting Actress always like this?

2 Anne Kendrick - 'Up in the Air'
The toss up between Vera Farmiga and Kendrick has gone on for so long.
From what I gather Kandricks is the more obvious nominatable role in the film.
Right now she looks good to receive her first nomination being young and pretty, but things can change. She could steal it from Mo'Nique.

3 Julianne Moore - 'A Single Man'
Is said to be wonderful in a smallish role.
She is owed an Oscar and may have been some competition to Mo'Nique for the win, but I really cannot believe there will be performances as good as the 'Precious' women this year.
Moore will land her 5th Oscar nomination but a win will depend on if the Academy feels they owe her at anothers expense.

4 Samantha Morton - 'The Messenger'
The film is getting great reviews, and she has been singled out, however her performances tend to be sometimes to understated to be noticed for awards consideration. However this constantly reliable actress has great support in the Academy. The film is playing extremely well and she is riding that wave for now.

5 Marion Cotillard - 'Nine'
The film was met with great to ok reviews, but she was what everyone agreed on. A recent winner so she is fresh in people's memory. However had she campaigned in supporting for 'Nine' then she would definitely get a nomination, as it is she could easily loose out on both, but I have a hunch the Academy may fix this. It is a 4 way battle for the last 2 slots.

6 Penélope Cruz – ‘Nine’
Another one having a stellar year. She could be a double nominee, which is unlikely, but who knows. She has the fun sexy vibrant role in the film which plays well opposite Cotillard's likely nom. This also seems likely unless the Academy are a little board with sexy and vibrant from her.

7 Vera Farmiga – ‘Up in the Air’
She is said to be fantastic in the film.
She has been looking for the break out role for ages, and every year since ‘The Departed’ her name has been thrown about in the early predictions, but it never seems to come into fruition . Could it be now?

8 Susan Sarandon – ‘The Lovely Bones’
It is about time she was welcomed back to the group. She has not been given the roles she deserve of late, but it is time for her to make a comeback. I cannot remember much about the role in the book (perhaps a re-read is in order) but judging by the trailer she seems to be a very important character with more dialogue than Weisz.

9 Mariah Carey – ‘Precious’
Think me mad, but if the film is really loved and sticks with voters (remember that voters are getting younger and younger and more cinematically open) her small but important role could see her nominated.
She is in one of the most powerful scenes at the end of the film and is said to hold her own and be VERY effective as a counselor.

10 Judi Dench - 'Nine'
She is supposed to be one of the better performances in the film, and after all, it is Judi Dench and she has been nominated for much much less before.
This category is getting very crowded all of a sudden with women vying for one of four nominations. Judi's pedigree could see her rise to the top of the pile.

11 Mélanie Laurent - 'Inglourious Basterds'
She has arguably the lead role in the film, which helps in this category A LOT! Plus she has some superb scenes as the stand out. The film is really loved by some people, but I feel it is too hard to read right now. As the Awards race goes on we will get a better picture, for now she is going to have to fight for it.

12 Rosamund Pike - 'An Education'
For me, the best thing in the film. She plays dumb with such a patronizing intelligence you wish you could find out more about her.
This is unlikely, but I think she will be getting a few votes come nomination time, but it will not likely amount to much, unless she gets out there.

13 Emma Thompson – ‘An Education’
Beloved actress, who is so good in everything she does. The role is supposed to be very small, but she owns it, and is very memorable.
If the films gets swept up in the awards juggernaut, she could very wel be in with a fighting chance. Even her line in the trailer makes me want to nominate her.

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