Saturday, 12 September 2009

MAFFE Awards 2009!! Lead Actress.

Sally Hawkins – ‘Happy Go Lucky’
She never puts a foot wrong in her portrayal. Never asking us to like or hate her, she becomes someone we all know. Oscar was blind for not recognizing this superb performance.

Melissa Leo – ‘Frozen River’
She plays her without asking the audience for sympathy or pity.
It is a deeply layered portrayal of a desperate woman doing desperate things for her family.

Anne Hathaway – ‘Rachel Getting Married’
She made good on her promise from ‘Brokeback Mountain’.
The wedding speech scene is worth the nomination alone, most uncomfortable I have been in a movie all year.

Tannishtha Chatterjee – ‘Brick Lane’
An almost silent performance of a woman in a strange country who wakes herself up by doing something against her morals.
She conveys so much with a shift of her eyes

Michelle Williams – ‘Wendy and Lucy’
This seemed to be the year of the honest portrayals of desperate woman.
Williams shines as a woman who is at the end of her means.

Kate Winslet – ‘Revolutionary Road’
She doesn’t hold back on the ugly side of her character.
She may have won for ‘The Reader’ but this was the better performance.

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Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

I like to read people's assessment...although this is not mine... we have Winslet in common. I think just because she showed us the "badness" in her character that is why she didn't she get the nomination. Sure Hana took part in Auschwitz but at the heart she is a sad forgiving woman...but her April is something of a bitch and Oscar loves their woman good. We also have Hawkins in common. The performance definitely grew on me.