Saturday, 12 September 2009

MAFFE Awards 2009!! Supporting Actor.

Heath Ledger – ‘The Dark Knight’
Best Joker Ever! He was deliciously insane and you believed in his chaos.
A true actor at the top of his game.
Masterful acting.

Bill Irwin – ‘Rachel Getting Married’
Breaks your heart as the grieving father constantly trying to make peace in his family. The dishwasher scene reduced my to tears. Not everyone in the room on-screen understands, but the viewer does.

Eddie Marsan – ‘Happy-Go-Lucky’
Brilliantly executed and he almost walks off with the film as the humourless and angry driving instructor.
I did say almost.

Satish Kaushik – ‘Brick Lane’
Constantly joyous and optimistic, always looking on the bright side, even when down or being a looser in everyone's eyes..
Bonus point for his speech at the Muslim meeting.

James Franco – ‘Milk’
He feels completely natural and lived-in, in the role.
He does not have the most showy of the supporting turns, but it is him that stayed with me much longer than any other.

Ralph Feinnes – ‘In Bruges’
Some hated this performance, but I though he was hysterical and the foul mouthed crime boss whose humanity cracks through. Best line reading of the year: "You're an inanimate f*ckin' object!"

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