Saturday, 12 September 2009

MAFFE Awards 2009!! Supporting Actress.

Alexis Zegerman – ‘Happy-Go-Lucky’
A true support to the lead. Gravitates the movie with her deadpan humour and the ease in which she walks in her characters skin and fully fleshes her out with no big actorly scene needed.

Viola Davis – ‘Doubt’
The moment you see her she tells you her entire story.
You know this woman, and she will do anything for her son. A gigantic performance.

Rosemarie DeWitt – ‘Rachel Getting Married’
Truly shines as the bride.
The film is more of an acting triumph for her with her very lived in and expressive performance - so good you don't notice the acting.

Marisa Tomei – ‘The Wrestler’
One of the most subtle performances she has given.
Her tenderness in scenes with Rourke are a stark contrast to her sadness whilst dancing in the club.

Penelope Cruz – ‘Vicky Christina Barcelona’
She entered the movie and made it as good as it was. Feisty, fiery and sexy. She was a Spanish whirlwind.

Misty Upman – ‘Frozen River’
For bringing a quiet dignity to a very flawed human. Through her hard surface you can see her humanity is bursting out from the surface.

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