Saturday, 12 September 2009

MAFFE Awards 2009!! Lead Actor

Sean Penn – ‘Milk’
He wins this for simply not showing any trace of the angry pent up actor we knew. He becomes Milk and we believe in him and give into his charm. Who knew?

Colin Farrell – ‘In Bruges’
He made me laugh hysterically one minute, and in the next broke my heart.
Finally cashes in on his promise he showed many years ago. Can't wait to see what is next.

Mickey Rourke – ‘The Wrestler’
He masterfully expresses a range of emotion with ever having to over act.
You feel his pain but never by asking for symphony. And honest performance in its pathetic-ness.

Brendan Gleeson – ‘In Bruges’
It is amazing how comfortably he slips into this role, being both mentor and father figure to Farrell.
A true masterful performance. The humanity of a killer is fully realised.

Robert Downey Jr. – ‘Iron Man’
The best thing about his performance, aside from his nailing it, is you can tell he had a ball playing it.
Sometimes pure fun in a performance can elevate a film.

Leonardo DiCaprio – ‘Revolutionary Road’
Goes up against Winslet for a second time and is a powder keg as the flawed and cowardly husband.

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