Saturday, 12 September 2009

MAFFE Awards 2009!! Best Picture.

‘Rachel Getting Married’

This is how a wedding should be.
I never once felt a false note in Demme’s beautiful family symphony.
I honestly felt I was a guest for the weekend and I didn't want to go home.


Mike Leigh’s ode to positive thinking completely won me over, and made me wish I was more like Poppy.
If only we all were.
A true case where a movie wants to make you a better person.


Pixar magic hit again, this time focusing on robot love while critiquing the human race.
Not the best they have done (IMO), but for it to easily be in the top movies of the year shows a studio at the top of their game.


The story of the first openly gay politician elected in the US makes for a funny, moving and gripping film.
So convincing that even though you know the outcome, you still somehow think it will be different.

‘The Dark Knight’

The comic book film gets upped with this ultra realistic and exciting outing.
Anchored by a remarkable turn my Heath Ledger.

‘Frozen River’

Human trafficking done on a small scale.
The story of a desperate woman trying to by a new trailer is brilliantly told.


Midgard Dragon said...

WALL-E is easily Pixar's best, and TDK is overrated trash.

Michael Parsons said...