Wednesday, 9 September 2009


Why are there no movies about cats?
Sure I love a dog – from a slight distance…..but cats, well the Egyptians were an advanced people and they saw fit to worship them, and so do I.
Yes I am a cat lover.
I have had cats all my life and I can name all of them: Fred, Scoody-Doo, Snowy, Anna, Smokey, Fruitcake, Frisky, Sebastian, Tristan, Buffy, Nevin, Murphy, Merlot, Baxter and Sophie.
I loved them all.
Right now I am left with Murphy who is getting up there in age, which is something that constantly puts the fear of God in me.

Most of my friends are either dog people or say they are “allergic”.
I am allergic but you just get over it! Just tell me the truth, you do not want to come over because you don’t like getting cat hair on your new Prada jumper.
Reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw freaking out about her allergy to parsley.

Anywho, I was trying to think about cats in film, where the feline is central to the story and a hero of sorts. Sure there are films featuring the big cats of the world, but I am talking domestic cats. All I can come up with are these:

‘The Aristocats’
‘The Cat From Outerspace’
‘That Darn Cat!’
‘Cats Eye’

We could argue the fierce Michelle Pfeiffer gave us all a cat hero in ‘Batman Begins’, but I am speaking of furry little things that fit snugly on your lap.
Usually when the lovely little precious things are in movies they fall into 4 categories:

Evil foil to the hero: ‘Babe’, ‘Cats & Dogs’, ‘Lady and the Tramp’, ‘Stuart Little’
Pet to the Evil: Blofelds cat, Dr Evils cat, ‘The Godfather’
Side kick to a dog: ‘Homeward Bound’, ‘Milo and Otis’, ‘Oliver and Co.’
Punch line to joke (usually resulting in said cats torturous screaming for laughs): ‘Meet the Parents’.

Why are they always the evil or the punch line in movies? Why are dogs so great and always the hero? When did needy and demanding become such wonderful traits?

Won’t someone out there make a film about cats that depict them as they are: Curious, independent, affectionate and extremely intelligent creatures that not only self cleaning and odour free, but when they go potty, they dig a little hole and cover it back up – such manners!
I love the independence of my cat, they are like adults. Sure, Muphy turns into a meow machine when she is hungry, but most of the time she does her own thing on her terms. I love that independence, but it seems Hollywood doesn’t. They seem to like the ease at which love is depicted by this bounding, furry, slobbery mass of need. I personally feel more special when my little kitty decides it is time to show affection – it means more.

Anyone who is a cat owner will get a kick out of the series of cartoons called Simons Cat by Simon Tofield. I just tried to watch them at work, but my insane cackle distracted people.

I have previously posted this video from ‘Garfields Nine Lives” and I dare you not to watch this without shedding a tear. Go on! Watch Diana’s Piano and see how you are able to resist.


andra said...

How about 'Garfeild' the movie?
Aren't there even two attempts at Garfield?

Anonymous said...

Omg! where do u work?! i would soo wanna watch a tv series at my desk!!